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Becoming a Delegate

Delegates are elected to serve as representatives for a given precinct, district, region, or state at conventions. These delegates are responsible for making decisions about who will be endorsed. They also vote on what's in the party platform, action agenda, and constitution. Delegates may also be responsible for electing party officers.

There are two related, but distinct, delegate paths:

  • Delegate to the Democratic National Convention
  • Delegate to an Organizing Unit convention, and possibly the Congressional District and State convention.

Democratic National Convention

If you'd like to be on the floor of the national convention in Milwaukee, you'll need to be elected. National Delegates will be elected at the Congressional District and State Convention. You do not need to be elected as a Organizing Unit, Congressional District, or State convention delegate to become a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. Please read the DFL guide on how to become a national delegate for more information about this process.

Other Conventions

At precinct caucuses, delegates will be elected to the Organizing Unit convention and other local conventions like Hennepin County.

Delegates to the Congressional District and State Conventions will be elected from the delegates at the Organizing Unit convention.